Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Snow

Today is leap day.

And how fitting that we should have a snowstorm today.  A snowstorm on the extra day of the year during the winter where we really haven't had winter.

It's very handy to be signed up for the auto texts from the local tv station when there is no school due to snow(or power outages as we all learned last fall!) or a late start/early dismissal due to weather.

At least it's handy until I got the text this morning at 5:51 a.m. to let me know that our schools would be having an early dismissal due to the snow that was coming during the late morning.

Let me tell you, I had to think really hard about what the text was about this morning. The brain was not quite awake yet.   I was quite confused about getting a text so early in the morning for an early dismissal.

And it took me a few minutes to figure out that no it had not started snowing yet. And no it wasn't a late start.  And yes the girls still had school today.  At least until 1:20 this afternoon.

Phew!  Only then was I able to go back to sleep for another 35 minutes until the alarm went off at 6:30.  And then I snoozed until 7:10.  Ahhh, love that snooze button.

This morning at breakfast we noticed that the birds were already stocking up on seed. The feeders were getting low, Hubby filled both feeders up.  Those birdies really hit the feeders once the snow starts falling.

I took this picture around 3 o'clock this afternoon.  Our feeder is a hot spot for the birds.   I love the snowflakes that you can see in this picture.

While I am oh so ready for spring, this is indeed a nice reminder of how pretty winter can be.

It's fun to watch them all jockey for position.  There were many "fights" over getting inside for seed.  Lots of feathers fluttering.  Again, I love the snow in the background.

I love the little finch on the lower left of the feeder.  Looks like he is just landing.

Pretty birds.  The black bird with the white belly on the bottom was definitely a bit of a bully.  Every time one of the finches made an attempt to get to the feeder near him, he caused quite a flurry of feathers.  He definitely was guarding his spot.

Prior to the snow falling and before picking up the girls from school, Sissy and I ran a few errands.  Of course, we hit a couple of thrift shops while we were out.

Found these mugs at the local Savers.  They are made by Glasbake.  In doing a quick search I discovered that these mugs were made in the early 1960's by Glasbake as a promotion for Lipton Soup.

I love them.  Sissy gave me a great idea of planting small herbs in them and putting them on my kitchen window sill.  That sounds like a fabulous idea.  Perhaps a project for this weekend.

potd #58.  Obviously I love birds.  I like my live birds outside.  I am not a live bird inside the house person.  I found this little guy at Marshall's today.  I couldn't resist. It was love at first sight.  He will be staying inside with me.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr. Ama aka Drama

Apparently I have to watch my cholesterol a bit.

It's 214.  And anything over 200 is a red flag.


Otherwise, my dr's office went really well.

According to my bloodwork, my bad cholesterol-the LDL-is bad by 5 points.  They like to see the number between 0-130 and mine is 135.

Maybe it was all the brownies I ate on Sunday.

Or the really yummy burger I had at the burger bar on Saturday night for dinner.

Hmmmmm.  I am thinking when I go back in 6 months I am going to have to be really good before I get my bloodwork done.

But, I will try to be good on a regular basis too.

Oh, and apparently exercise will help to lower my cholesterol too.  Guess I am going to have to seriously look into that.  Exercise.  Why can't it be called something happier?

Luckily, my neighbor is the physicians assistant at my new doctors' office.  She was fabulous.

She answered all my crazy questions.  And told me we had coyotes in the neighborhood.  Who knew?  Not me!

She also sprung a tetanus shot on me.  She's lucky I still like her.

As she was going through her regular list of questions, of course she came to the one "when was the last time you had a tetanus shot?"  Once she asked me, I knew I was in for it.

I looked at her and shrugged.  And said, "Uhhhh, I don't know.  Can't remember." The whole time I was thinking, "oh *@&#$!!!!  I 'm going to get a shot today!"

Yeah, there was no avoiding the shot.  How sweet of her to give it to me in the right arm instead of the left.  I am a leftie.  Quite considerate of her.  Like I said, it's a good thing I like her!

I also informed her that I was pretty sure in going to the appointment today that she was going to tell me that I had some awful thing wrong with me.  And that I was near death.

Yeah, no drama with me.  Aka Dr. Ama.

But, I am healthy.  Yay!  Thanks A.  Glad you're my neighbor and my health provider.

Oh, and doesn't the ice cream I just had count more as calcium than as fat?

potd #57.  Keys to the old typewriter I bought last year at a thrift shop while thrifting with Sissy.  Love it.  And just a couple weeks ago E noticed there is no 1 on it.  Huh. After looking at it, we realized that they must have used the lower case l as the 1. Learn something knew everyday.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Boy it feels good to finally sit after a long day.

The day started off slow because of my lack of coffee this morning.  Also, for someone who isn't an eat breakfast right when I get up person, I woke up starving. Hungry as in one of the first things I thought of as I was waking up was "boy am I hungry".

The girls were also a little slow moving.  It took quite a bit of coaxing to get them out of bed.  They did finally get up, but it was under serious protest.

After dropping the girls off to school I went to have my blood drawn.  There was not much of a wait.

Once finished, I headed to the girls school where I helped each class finish their Snow Creatures.  Both came out great.  I will have to remember to bring my camera to school and take some pictures of both.

Then, I had the quietest part of my day.  From about 1:15-2:45.  And that was it.

Today is dance class for the girls.  They are taking a jazz class and while it's ok, I think this may be the last year they do dance.  Who knows, though.  They could surprise me and want to take a class next year. At least if they decide to stop, they will get their 5 year trophy this coming June.

After dance, we headed to our 1st of 4 Monday night lacrosse clinics.  D & E did great and just loved the new goggles they bought with Hubby yesterday.

Somehow, we managed to fit a BLT wrap in on the way to the clinic at the high school.  Phew.

Best part of the day came for D during lacrosse.  Because she had to wear her mouth guard, her tooth that was a little loose became really loose.

Loose like she pulled it without much bleeding when we got home loose.

I have to admit that I didn't even really know it was loose.  I vaguely remember her saying a tooth was loose, but I guess I wasn't really paying attention.  Which is kind of funny.

Obviously we've lost a few teeth around here.  I  can remember back when the girls lost their first few teeth.  They incessantly wiggled and wiggled and wiggled those teeth.  And it's all we heard about until they came out.

Now I obviously don't really pay attention when I am told there is a loose tooth. Definitely up for Mother of the Year with that one.

So, it looks like we will be having a visit by the tooth fairy tonight.

Hopefully the tooth fairy doesn't forget to stop by our house tonight.

potd #56.  Because I was so busy today, I never got a picture taken. This silver box was given to D(E got one too) by a relative of ours.  It is a tooth box.  Perfect for little teeth that fall out.  D's tooth is tucked safe inside waiting for the tooth fairy to come tonight.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Songs

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to church today.

Because of the girls sleepover and when we were picking them up, we would never have made it to church in time.

The girls had a great time.  And because of the very windy night we had, power was lost from 11:30-12:30 last night.

Sounds like the girls handled it pretty well and not long after losing power, the mom was able to convince everybody it was time to go to sleep.

She used the very sound argument that it was night time anyway and it was time to go to sleep.  And when going to sleep, what do you do?

Shut the lights off, of course.  It must have worked like a charm.  Because the girls went to sleep.

So, while we weren't at church, here are the songs that were sung:
Agnus Dei
As It Is In Heaven
Give Us Clean Hands
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
I Will Rise

I really enjoy As It Is In Heaven.  It is a fairly new song for us to sing.  I think we've been singing periodically for maybe 6 months.

This afternoon I made Aunt Grace's Brownies.  I first wrote about them in this post.

They really are the best.

When I went to cut them today, I picked up a knife to start cutting.  And immediately the brownie was sticking to the knife.  I stopped, irritated.

Then, the light bulb went off in my head.  I suddenly had the thought of reading the tip of how when cutting brownies, it is best to use a plastic knife and the brownie won't stick.

So, off I went to get a plastic knife.  Then I started cutting.  And it really, really does work.  Eureka!

Once I started cutting, the brownie NEVER stuck to the plastic knife.  I will always use a plastic knife for cutting brownies from here on out.

So, next time you make brownies, try it and you will never ever use a regular knife cutting brownies again.  I promise.

I have a physical with a new doctor on Tuesday.  Tomorrow morning I have to go for my bloodwork.  I needed to start fasting at 10 pm.

The last thing I had to eat tonight was one of these brownies.  Ok, maybe I had 2. They were delicious.

Now, the challenge will be getting my morning started without my coffee.  It is guaranteed to be a slow moving morning for me.  At least until I get my coffee.

potd #55.  Cutting brownies with a plastic knife.  I will never cut brownies with a regular knife again.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

She Shoots, She Scores

The girls had basketball this morning.

They are loving it.  They are having lots of fun.

D scored 3 baskets today.  Each time she scored, she would look to the sidelines to catch my eye.

So cute.  And she was so excited.

One of the shots was all net.  Woohoo D!

Of course, today was the day I didn't bring my camera.  Figures.

Next week I will bring it and neither D or E will score.

On our way home E asked how come she didn't score.  I told her she needed to take more shots.  Pretty simple, E.  She's so good about passing to other teammates that she forgets that she can shoot the ball too.

It's fun to watch them have a good time each Saturday morning.

After all the excitement of making her "Snow Creature" yesterday, E decided that she wanted to make some Angry Birds out of Perler Beads.  E loves to bead.  She was quite the busy girl.  She started last night and worked for a good portion of the morning before basketall.

She made a red bird and a green pig.  She even recruited her sister to make a red bird for her.

E's plan is to bring them into school and use them on the blue backdrop we make for the "Snow Creature".  She even made numbers to represent the scores a player receives during the game.

E was incredibly sweet working on the beads.  Amazingly, where she is so impatient in certain things, when it comes to beading she has a mountain of patience.

Tonight the girls went to a sleepover birthday party.  They were very excited all day.

Their friend, M loves to bake.  And she's good.  She bakes cookies, cupcakes, cakes, all sorts of baked goods.  So, for her birthday we got her a mini donut maker. I am hoping she will love it.

And I am hoping I will get to taste a donut sometime.  I'll have to drop M some hints. She's a good sport.  I'll be sure to tell her how much I love donuts.  Any kind of donut.

Hubby & I dropped them off and then went out for a nice dinner at the local burger bar.   The nice thing about having twins is when they are both invited to a sleepover, it's date night for us.

potd #54.  I just love this polka dot gift bag.  And the blue tissue paper.  Very festive. It just says "party".   Can't wait to hear all about the party when I pick the girls up tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mysterious White Stuff

We woke up this morning to a mini winter wonderland.

It was very surprising.

It sure is pretty when we haven't had much of it this winter.

Last night going to bed I watched the weather.  I was actually checking to see how warm it was going to be.  See, that's the kind of winter we have had here.

Much to my surprise, they were predicting that we may have a couple inches of snow.  And that it would be falling right at morning commute/bus time.

Then, off to snoozeland I went. Very happily.

And dreaming of the flower gardens at our old house.  It was a wonderful, warm happy dream.

I specifically dreamt of one of my favorite flowers that my neighbor had shared with me.  It is actually an herb, called Feverfew.  It has the prettiest little flowers.  Very daisy-like.  Perfect in summer bouquets.  In mason jars.

See?  Isn't it sweet.  It is absolutely being planted this spring.

So, this morning I wake up to my alarm and hit snooze a few times.  Probably a couple more than I should.  But, it's good wake-up time for me.  I am no longer a "jump right out of bed when the alarm goes off" person.  

Just as I am thinking of getting up, I realize I am not hearing any cars go down our street like usual.  I ask Hubby to open the blind so we can see outside.

And Hubby says, "Whoa!"  Now, I don't have my glasses on so all I see is that there is a good amount of snow that has fallen.

I double check my phone to see if the delay text has come through.  But, it has not. A quick check of the local tv channels' website tells me that there is indeed a 90 minute delay.

Ahhhhhh.  There is really nothing like a delay in the morning.  Just enough time to snuggle the girls longer before getting started for our day.  Breakfast is always eaten leisurely on delay mornings and we are always ready with plenty of time to spare. 


And a snowfall like this morning really is the perfect snowfall.  Just enough to look pretty & wet enough to stick to the trees.  Just enough for a delay rather than a cancellation.  Just enough to appreciate that it's still winter.  

It really is pretty.

But yet it was not so much that the roads were difficult to travel.  The ground is so warm that the plows came by and the roads were clear and just wet pavement only minutes later. 

It really was the perfect snowfall.  If only they all could fall into this same category.  

Pretty trees

My raised garden beds.  Getting ready to plan this years' garden.

On another note, it was "Snow Creature" making day in E's class today.  The student council holds a contest each winter where each class in grades 3-5 come up with an idea to make a "Snow Creature" aka Snowman.  

After all the "Snow Creatures" are made, there is voting for the best "Snow Creature". They all want to win.  And they all love looking at the other "Snow Creatures" that have been made.  

It is an event all the kids look forward to.  E's class came up with different ideas and finally settled on making a "Snow Creature" with an Angry Birds theme.

Being the parent helper for her class, it was my job to get the supplies and sort of organize the project for the kids.  In making the  "Snow Creature", the class is given 3 circles(just like a snowman) that they are to work with.  The shapes can't be changed.

In the end, the king pig was made using the largest circle, the red bird with the middle circle, and the bomb bird with the smallest circle.

The kids were so excited this afternoon doing this project.  It was great to see them work together.  And, they all came out great!

All finished and drying for the weekend.  They will be assembled into the "Snow Creature" Monday on some background paper.  Boomerangs made from twigs will be used for the arms.

King Pig.  Didn't the kids do a great job?

Red Bird and Bomber Bird.  I think they look fantastic.

I just loved all the kids reactions when we were done.  They had been divided into 3 groups and while working, they didn't always see what the other groups were doing with their particular character.

There was lots of excitement and many declarations of "ours is so gonna win".  We'll see, kids.  I think they came out pretty good, but I am a little biased!

D's class is making a Shrek "Snow Creature".  I will be going in Monday to help her class finish. I got a sneak peak of it today.  And it looks pretty good too.  Exciting!

potd #53.  One of the tiki torches longing for summer nights.  Even a warm spring night would work.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cough, Sniffle, Sneeze

Hubby & I just started watching the movie Contagion about 20 minutes ago.

Safe to say that after this movie I am going to be convinced every little sniffle, cough, or sneeze is deadly.

Well, maybe I'm being a little dramatic.  Or maybe not.

I'll let you know.

Of course, I am still fighting this cold.  The Zicam seems to be working really well so far.  Though, I have developed a cough today.

It's probably deadly.

Or not.

See, I am in no way dramatic at all.

Both the girls had colds last week, which is where my cold has come from.  And they both are still alive and kicking.

So, most likely I am going to survive.

D had quite a cough last Thursday.  She sounded just like a seal.  Bark, Bark instead of cough, cough.

Because of that cough and her touch of asthma(thanks hubby), she started her nebulizer on Friday.  And it is working like a charm.  Her cough is just about gone.

We will continue the nebulizer until it's completely gone for 2-3 days.

She is a trooper.  While doing this treatment before school today, she kept herself busy for the 5 minutes drawing peace signs and writing "Peace Rocks" in cursive.

Before we started watching Contagion, I was going to do a sweet post on how much a part music plays in our lives.  Oh well, I'll save that for another day.

Off to watch thousands of fictional people die of some mysterious disease.

Hopefully I will sleep tonight without any crazy dreams.

potd #52.  See, doesn't it look extra pretty with colored foil eggs.  Love the colors.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Very Thrifty Day #2

Today, as my Sissy so aptly put it, was a banner day for thrifting!

We had so much fun and went to around 6 thrift/consignment stores.

Sissy & I decided to venture about 35 minutes away to a new thrift store.  It is a ReStore and is run by the people for Habitat for Humanity.

It wasn't quite what we were expecting.

There were lots of big items: kitchen cabinets, sofas, chairs, tubs, lots of windows & doors, dressers, bureaus, desks, lamp fixtures, bed frames, & many other items that would be great for home improvement.

Lots of big stuff.

I have decided that when I decide to venture into one of the headboard projects that I have seen in blog-land and have pinned on Pinterest using a door, then I will go to that ReStore to buy my door.

For $10 a door, I think that's a pretty good deal.  Especially if I screw up the project. Not that that would happen.  No, not me.  I would never, ever mess up a DIY project.

I have also decided that if I really want to get into refinishing furniture, like I am thinking I may want to try at some point, then the ReStore will be a great place to get pieces to refinish.

And then sell.  That's the future plan.  Maybe. We'll see.  As you can tell, I am not sure if I am committed to that idea.  But that's a whole other blog post in itself.

Back to thrifting.

Sissy & I had so much fun.  We were finding things left and right.  And up and down.

We each came home with lots of treasures.

And couldn't stop giggling at one of our stops towards then end of our thrifting adventure.

We have officially decided that we won't be considered hoarders like those on tv in future years as long as our paths are bigger than their paths are.  Makes total sense, right?

A woman in the aisle with us heard us talking & laughing at ourselves and couldn't help laughing too.  As she was picking up her own treasures.

I guarantee you, she was thinking about her own paths.

Sissy & I are quite funny together and usually make friends with complete strangers while out & about.

Take last week for instance.  We stopped at an Italian bakery that Sissy wanted to check out and pick up some treats for a deacons meeting that was being held at her house that night.

While there, we ended up helping the woman in front of us make serious decisions on what type of food to serve at a baby shower she was hosting in the bakery's banquet room that coming weekend.  We helped her decide that chicken parm was the better way to go rather than the pizza that she was thinking of ordering.

She asked our opinion and we were happy to help.  But, these things just fall in our laps.        

We are convinced that we should have our own reality tv show which follows us as we go out together.  But that too is another blog post in itself.

Ok, really back to thrifting now.

We each found one of these amber Orange Crush soda bottles.  The glass is so heavy.

Fire King Jadeite bowl and plate.  I love Fire King Jadeite.  My uncle has the Jadeite coffee mugs at his house on the Cape.  Been there since he bought the house 30 years ago.  I have always loved them.  They are on my list of things to look for when thrifting/tag-saleing.

Limoges saucer.  I just love the flowers.  This will be on my dresser to hold jewelry.  I already love just looking it.

Isn't this old post card from Arizona fantastic?  Hubby has family in Arizona, so I had to buy it!
Back of Arizona postcard.  Sent to Syracuse, NY.  Postmarked 1941.  Love what the postcard says, "Hello Mae, I'm definitely on my way back now.  Not much in this but I'm going thru at 2 in the morning.  Going to stop over at Ada, Okla. for 2 days and then straight on."  Wonderful!

Hotel Lincoln.  New York City.
Postmarked 1943.  Love the "Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps" stamp.
Back of Hotel  Lincoln postcard.  It says, "Hello!  I am now in a radio broadcasting studio.  I won't tell you what I am listening to until I get home.  But I always listen to it on the radio.  I'm having a better time than I've ever had.  ~Theresa"  Makes me think with all the technology we have, there really is nothing like a handwritten postcard.  Something to think about.

Milk glass candy dish with wonderful cutouts.  I can just picture colored foil wrapped chocolate eggs in this dish.  Yup, off to get some tomorrow.

These are linen postcards made in Germany.  I am planning a "gallery" wall in the kitchen and these will go great mixed in that wall.  I just love them.

So, as you can see it was a great day for thrifting.  And a great day to spend with Sissy.

potd #51.  One of my favorite finds today.  This box is great.  And the idea of a hands free mirror--how funny is that?  I love how it advertises hands free for make-up and hairdo.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Big 5-0

No, not me!

This is my 50th consecutive post.  Phew!

I certainly wasn't sure I was going to enjoy blogging as much as I am when I started this way back in January.

But, I am.  It is such a great creative outlet for me.  And, I love that it is making me get more adventurous with my camera.

So, here's to the 1st 50 posts and each 50 posts that come hereafter.

Cold update:  still here, but fighting it off with Zicam.  Due for another dose soon, but can tell that it has already helped my sore throat.

A funny story from getting the girls showered and to bed tonight.

E went up first and asked Hubby to put some music on for her, specifically rap. Which means The Beastie Boys. That girl loves The Beastie Boys.

Tonight Hubby decided to introduce E to Blondie.   And one of the early rap songs. Yup, Rapture.

Man, I love that song.  I remember being about her age and buying the 45 that had Rapture on it.  It was the best.

I loved going in my bedroom and listening to it over and over on my record player.

And even tonight listening, I am immediately drawn back in time to my bedroom growing up.  

Sitting on the floor near the record player.  Just waiting for the song to end so that I could pick up the needle and start the song again.

And listening intently during the rap part.  Trying to write the lyrics down as quick as possible.

After her shower, I was sharing with E about how I had the record of that song when I was a kid.  Now, she knows records because Hubby collects them and we listen to them too.

Hubby came in as I was talking to E about Rapture.  I mentioned to E that I thought my 45 was at my dad's house and I would have to see if I could get it at some point.

E came to my "defense" and told Hubby that if I got the 45 that it wouldn't be his! She's so sweet, sticking up for me & my old records!  

So, Hubby said that he had the 33 and didn't want my 45.  

Then Hubby asked E if she even knew what the difference was between a 45 and 33.

And, you know what she said?

E said, "Isn't it, like 12?????"  Hubby & I just looked at each other and laughed and laughed!  E didn't get it and asked us, "well, isn't it??" And again we started laughing.

Come to think of it, we never did explain it to her.  We were still too busy laughing.

Guess that is a lesson for another day.

Dinner tonight was Burgundy Pork Tenderloin.  It is so easy to make and really very delicious.

Served it with a baked sweet potato and a salad. Yum.

Slice 1 stalk of celery and thinly slice 1/2 an onion.

Place pork tenderloin in 9x13.  Sprinkle on it salt, pepper, garlic powder.  I usually use rosemary too.  I am out, so I put some oregano on it tonight.  

Then sprinkle over the tenderloin the chopped celery and sliced onion.

Now, the best part.  Pour 2 cups of red wine over all.  Place in 350 degree oven and bake for 45 min.

This little packet makes the gravy.  And the gravy is good.  When the meat is done, take it out of the oven.  Place tenderloin on platter.  Now, take the packet of brown gravy mix and pour over wine, juices, onions, & celery.  Stir.  And voila!  Gravy. Yum.

So glad the girls love sweet potatoes.  They are so yummy and good for you.

potd #50.  My copy of the Burgundy Pork Tenderloin recipe.  I love adding handwritten notes to my recipes.  It helps me remember what I add/change. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Stay Away Cold

Woke up this morning with the start of a sore throat.

I am trying to fight this cold off, but am not sure how successful I am going to be.

Tomorrow will tell me how I am doing in the fight.  We shall see.

Might have to get some Airborne tomorrow.  That stuff is excellent and really seems to work.

Hopefully I won't be too late.

Here are some pics from our day in Martha's Vineyard.

The girls each had a great night sleep in their king size bed.  E was amazed that D didn't kick her all night.  She declared we should always get a suite with king sized beds.  Right E, as soon as you start paying!

I love watching them play & goof around.  They were having fun snuggling on the bed this morning.  Again, could you stay 8 forever please??

I love this clock.  Each bedroom and the living area had a clock like this in it.  It is an alarm clock too.  I think I need this clock.  I mean, really need this clock.  Oh, did I mention our alarm clock got fried last fall during the power outage.  And I haven't replaced it yet.  Now I know what clock I will be buying.

This morning we headed back over to Gramma Suz' and enjoyed a nice breakfast.

We stopped at a donut shop near her house to pick up some muffins.  

Aside from the regular cranberry, blueberry & corn, I also picked up a morning glory muffin.  

It is delicious.  It is kind of like a carrot cake muffin, but different.  And, oh did I mention delicious. Yup, definitely delicious.

Then we were able to go over to her garage/workshop.  Gramma Suz is an amazing sign painter.  She does really beautiful work.  

Her workshop is full of great treasures.  Lots of really neat tools and mysterious sign painting things.  

Lots of wood to carve too.  She not only paints business signs, but hand carves many of them.  Really gorgeous work. 

And, while we were over there she showed me the beginning of a sign that she is going to be giving me.  It has our last name carved in it and she will be carving some morning glories on it and then painting it.

I can't wait to see how it looks finished.  I have no doubt that I am going to love it.

part of her work table with all the paint splatters of years & years of sign painting.

love the large clamps.  These are used to hold signs in place while they are being carved and/or painted.

A shelf with hand planers all lined up.  

After another nice day, we headed back to the ferry in Vineyard Haven.  Pretty view of the harbor from the ferry boat.

Can't take pictures of the harbor without taking one of some buoys.

Great turquoise color on this fishing boat.

If hubby ever runs out of gifts to buy me, he can always buy me any one of the houses that line the water by Vineyard Haven Harbor.  Hah, I wish!

potd #49.  I love old fans.  Saw this one in the workshop & just had to take a picture. Can you imagine those blades running and how large the openings are??