Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Arose

My blogging has been non-existent lately.

Just haven't been feeling like I have much to blog about.

Guess I have had the late winter blues.

But with Spring finally here and some warmer weather finally showing up, I am hoping that I will be blogging on a more regular basis.

Because 2 posts for March is terrible.

So, here's to better blogging.

He Is Risen.

He Is Risen Indeed!

We made some fancy Easter eggs yesterday.

Sissy had the great idea of using Scotch tape to make a cross.

Excellent idea.

Love how E colored this egg.

Just perfect.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello There

Wow.  Not sure where the last 2 weeks went.

I am ready for Spring.

Really ready.

It's been a long winter.

I need warmth.


And I really need the snow to melt.

I definitely have a case of the winter blues.

The snowstorm that we had last Friday didn't help.

On Wednesday they were predicting around 3-6 inches.

That was the prediction through Thursday night.

Just before going to bed one of the weather forecasters changed the snow amounts in our area to 6-12inches.

And it snowed and snowed and snowed.

We got around 17inches by the time it was done snowing early Friday afternoon.

Yup, I am done with Winter.

Daylight savings is definitely helping the winter gloom.

Amazing the difference a little bit of extra daylight can make come 6 or 7 o'clock at night.

Spring can start anytime.

Pretty flowers I made from fleece and flannel.  They make me happy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


About a month ago my bil sent Hubby a music video for us to watch.

It was a song about shopping at thrift shops.

My bil, C,  also likes to shop at thrift shops.

He buys name brand/designer clothes and re-sells them on Ebay.

He does pretty well.

So he knew that Hubby and I would both appreciate the song & video.

It's a bit fresh.  

And it's catchy.

Fast forward to tonight.

I was driving home from knitting and listening to the radio.

And lo and behold the same song that C had us listen to/watch the video was on the radio.

How about that!

And it's still catchy.

It's called "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.


And I guarantee you'll be humming it for quite a bit after listening.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Country Road

Winter is still here.

We had a wee bit more white stuff last night.

Just wet enough to cling to the trees.

Our morning ride to school was quite pretty.

Especially with the bright blue sky as a back drop to the white landscape.

As I was coming up with a title for tonight's blog, all I could think of was "Country Road".

And that made me think of James Taylor.

Love him.

Have seen him in concert.  With Carole King.

They were amazing.

I've even been lucky enough to meet him before.

Many years ago.  But that's another story for another day.

"Country Road" by James Taylor.

Country Road by me.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


There have been a couple videos I have seen on Facebook over the last couple days.

Both are about dogs.

And both tug at the heartstrings.

Watching these videos reminded me of a few others I have seen about dogs reuniting with their owners upon the owners' return from being deployed.

You may want to have a tissue handy.

Dora, the dog, was lost for 7 months after running away from home during July 4th fireworks.

So happy she was finally found and reunited with her owner.

Happy ending.

Love this one.

This is just too sweet.

And here is the one I saw today.

Definitely have the tissues ready for this one.

Heartstrings tugged.

Yup, that will get me every time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Busy Life

Hard to believe it's been almost a week since I last wrote a new post.


We have had a busy week.

Friday night was the annual Valentine Dance.

Daughters bring their dads and sons bring their moms.

Hubby was lucky enough to have 2 dates for the night.

And they loved it.

All of them.

Sweet memories.

Isn't this bag pretty?

I made it this weekend with Sissy and my cousin's wife.

We were lucky enough to be visited this weekend by one of our cousin's and his family.

S, his wife T, and their daughter C are just all so sweet.

S & C hung out with Hubby and the girls for the day.

Us grown-up girls did some crafting.

Each of us brought 1 project from Pinterest that we wanted to make.  And the supplies for all of us.

It is so much fun.

Can't wait for the next time we get together.

Always lots of fun.

Hubby and I went shopping for hardwood to put in the kitchen.

We painted the kitchen cabinets just about 3 years ago.

We have been having a hard time deciding what kind of floor we wanted.

Tile?  Hardwood?  Laminate?

Ack.  Decisions, decisions.

Finally we decided on hardwood.

So on Sunday, while the girls went to Sissy's for a sleepover, we went to a local flooring store.

After looking and looking and looking, we believe we have decided upon Brazilian Koa also known as Tigerwood.

Now to get hubby to install the floor.

That could be a couple months down the road.

Hopefully sooner, but who knows.

On Monday we took the girls rock climbing.

E worked hard to get up that wall.  It was tricky.

Rock climbing was the perfect thing to do on a cold, day off from school.

There is D in the red shirt climbing.

The girls had a great time and love to climb.

I believe we will be going back soon.

And maybe I will attempt to climb too.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day

Valentine's Day.

Not necessarily what it used to be when I was young.

But oh so much better.

The girls were so excited to go to school and exchange Valentine cards with their classmates.

It's so much fun to see Valentine's Day through their eyes.

And it was fun to pick out cards for them and chocolates.

They were so excited for them after school.

And it was fun to bake a chocolate cake for them for dessert.

Thanks C for the great idea.

Another good friend of mine, A,  has a son who decided he was going to tell the girl he likes that he likes her.

So cute.

And C nicknamed him "Rico Suave".  Too funny.

Of course, as we chatted through text we all had to check out the video of the old '90's song on Youtube.

The funniest thing is that my friend A's son has had the nickname of "Rico" from his dad from the movie "Madagascar".

Too funny.

Go check out Youtube for the Rico Suave video.  Its very funny.  And very 1990's.


The best part is that the girl smiled at him after A's son told her that he liked her.

Too cute.  Too sweet.

Love it.

The best part of our Valentine's Day is that Hubby was home.

He was away for work and wasn't supposed to be home til tonight at 9.

He was able to get an earlier flight and be home this afternoon.

All his girls were happy.

And he played guitar for us tonight.

I love it when he does that.

"Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac.

He does this one really well.

"Guaranteed" by Eddie Vedder.

I love the way Hubby sings this one.

"Hard Sun" by Eddie Vedder.

Another great one.

I just love when Hubby plays guitar and sings for us.

It makes me happy.

So glad to have my 3 Valentines home with me tonight.

Yummy chocolate cake with homemade buttercream frosting and Valentine sprinkles.

This made all of us happy tonight.

Happy heart day.